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Welcome to

G A M s





At least, my will to make  a site that provide the latest information and cheat comes true.

In this site, you can get the latest cheat codes for Playstation GameShark, hints, tips, and walkthrough for the latest game. 

In short time, we will also add cheats codes for another console, like Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, and also for the computer game. So, please pray for me so that I can complete this site. Oh, yes. This site will be updated weekly. So, make sure that you bookmark this site.

And one more thing, please click on my sponsored banners, so I can continue building this site and provide you all the things that you need.

As the latest news, we also has completing making the search function on this site.

The latest info about this site, now we has a new domain name at http://www.gams-net.net so we will close our redirection page at cjb.net shortly. So, make sure next time you access this page with the new address at http://www.gams-net.net.


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