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Back Gain Act-2
Backstreet Billiards
Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu
Bakusou Kyoudai Rettsu & Go!: Eternal Wings
BallBlazer Champions
Ball Breakers
Barbie Race and Ride
Barbie Super Sports
Bases Loaded '96
Bass Landing
Batman & Robin
Batman Forever
Batman Forever: The Arcade Game
Battle Arena Kids
Battle Arena Toshinden
Battle Arena Toshinden 2
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Plus
Battle Arena Toshinden 3
Battle Formation
Battle Round USA
Battle Sabres
Battle Stations
Battle Tanx: Global Assault
BattleRound USA
Beast Wars
Beast Wars Metals
BeatMania 3rd Mix Mini
BeatMania Append 3rdMix
BeatMania Append 4th Mix
BeatMania Append 5th Mix
BeatMania Append GottaMix
Beavis & Butt-head
Bedrock Bowling
Beretta 9
Beyond the Beyond
Big Air Snowboarding
Big Bass World Championship
Big Hurt Baseball
Billabong Pro Surfer
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.
BioHazard 3: Last Escape
BioHazard: Gun Survivor
Bishi Bashi Special
Bishi Bashi Special 2

Bishoujo Senshi: Sailor Moon Super S
Black Bass w/ Blue Marlin
Black Dawn
Black Eyes Black
Blade Arts
Blade of Darkness
BLAM! Machine Head
Blast Chamber
Blast Radius
Blaster Master

Blaze & Blade
Blaze & Blade Busters
Blazing Dragons
Block Kuzushi, The
Blood Lines
Blood of Zion
Blood Omen
Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain
Bloody Roar
Bloody Roar 2
Blue Breaker Burst
Blue Knight Berserga Story
Blue Legend of Water
Blue Sabre Knights
Body Hazard
Bogey: Dead 6
Bokanto Ippatsu! Doronbo
Bomba '98
Bomberman Fantasy Race
Bomberman Wars
Bomberman World
Bombing Islands, The
Bottom of the 9th
Bottom of the 9th '99
Bounty Sword First
Bounty Sword Double Edge
Brahma Force: Beltlogger-9
Brahma Force
Brain Dead 13
Brave Fencer Musashi
Brave Prove
Brave Saga
Bravo Air Race
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Breeding Stud 2
Breeding Stud '99
Brian Lara's Cricket
Broken Helix
Broken Sword
Broken Sword 2
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2
Bubble Bobble
Bubblegun Kid
Bubsy 3D
Bug Riders
Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time
Bug's Life, A
Builder's Block
Bundesliga Stars 2000
Burger Burger 2
Burning Road
Bushido Blade
Bushido Blade 2
Bushido Hertsuden
Bust A Groove
Bust A Groove 2
Bust-A-Move: Dance And Rhythm Action
Bust A Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix
Bust-A-Move 2
Bust-A-Move 3
Bust-A-Move 4
Bust-A-Move '99
Bust-A-Move: Dance And Rhythm Action
Bust-A-Move 2: Dance Heaven Mix
Buster Bros. Collection
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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